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Our products

Our compounds are based on our ISO-20200 AGC-EX103 formula, which shape the foundation and basic structure of all our granules. The compounds differ from other forms of plastic, since the fragments are thoroughly dissolved through composting and are able to recycle water and carbon dioxide in the reprocess. In other words: a zero sum game for nature. Since our ingredients are ISO-20200 certified, all of products are micro free and fully compostable.

Our raw material are approved by the Swedish NFA (National Food Agency) and are therefore perfectly suitable for any kind of food packaging. When it comes to pairing right material with the appropriate product, we would gladly help early on in the development process. Our material possess different qualities for different kind of processes – please consult us for your most convenient solution.


Extrusion, impact resistant, high end
Compound AGC-EX103 is a high impact material for extrusion. It is characterized by its high tensile strength and modulus in combination with high impact resistance.

Injection molding, high impact premium
Granule IM107 is a high impact grade where more impact resistance than the standard material IM108 is needed.


Injection molding, super impact premium
Compound AGC-IM109 has through its good flexibility and high impact properties opened up possibilities for products with high demands of mechanical properties.


Textile fiber, high end
Compound AGC-TF107 is the standard material for the production of yarn to textile fiber.


Extrusion, standard value
Compound AGC-EX105 is the standard material for extrusion. It is characterized by its high tensile strength and modulus.


Injection molding, high end
Compound AGC-IM108 is the standard high flow material for injection molding. The material is characterized by its high tensile strength and modulus.