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A Good Choice offers renewable bio-infill granules for artificial turfs and playgrounds. Our infill is certified by FIFA Quality Pro and combines excellent playability with safety for the players.

Sustainable infill for high performance sport

The use of A Good Choice compound to produce infill material for artificial turfs such as football fields, results in a win-win situation for all players involved. Our innovative material secures excellent playing performance and player safety while relieving the environment of microplastics and CO₂ emissions.

An important game to play

A Good Choice infill is certified with FIFA QUALITY PRO. Our first proof-of-concept football court opened in October 2021 in Kortedala, Gothenburg and welcomes players of all ages to get a feeling for what a sustainable future in football will be like.

To fit different customer needs we offer infill-products with various percentages of biomaterial. Thanks to our innovative compound formula, the result is always granules that stay microplastic free at their end of life.

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